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  After spending 5 years in a children's hospital Clayton Werdel came to the Center for Independence when he was 19 years old.  Clayton's family lived near Miller and moving there gave him an opportunity to see his family more often.  Clayton was looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money. A friend in Rapid City was willing to loan Clayton some vending machines so he could try starting his own business.

Clayton's team helped him come up with a business plan. He began by placing machines in three Miller businesses. Business was good! So Werdel aquired more machines, this time buying them from his friend.  He got a SD sales tax license, and had business cards printed up.  He named the business
"Clayton Werdel's Candies".
 Because of individuals like Clayton, it is the mission of the Center For Independence to be committed to development of services that: make the communities of choice available to everyone, make institutional and segregated environments unnecessary, and support the development of relationships in which all people are respected as essential members of their communities.
It is the mission of the Center for Independence to assist individuals with developmental
disabilities to participate as essential members of the communities of their choice. Through
instruction, advocacy and support, we will assure that people experience friendship, opportunities to serve and independence.