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Residential Options

If residential services are a support that people would like from us, we encourage people to live in the type of setting that they want to live in and that best meets there needs.  This can be an apartment or house that they own or rent in the community of their choice, or one of the 9 environments that we own and operate.   The amount of support that people need in the residential environments varies for each person and is specific to a persons needs. 

Living At Home  People may decide living at home with their family is the right decision for them.  The agency supports nearly 95 persons in their own home.

Supported Living  The agency owns and operates nine homes.  Approximately 75 of the 190 persons we serve reside in these settings.  Depending on a person's needs, our agency can provide assistance ranging from support during awake hours to 24 hour supports.

Independent Living  People who need limited assistance may live in a home of their choice in their hometown community.


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