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Specialized services are coordinated with community providers to ensure quality care. We provide a wide range of specialized services based on individual assessment of that person’s wants and needs.

Specialized services CFI provides include:

Medical Services CFI employs two full-time staff to help coordinator health care provider appointments, medical documentation, and follow-up with medical concerns.  CFI also employs a full-time nurse who trains staff how to give medications and tube-feed as well as ensuring optimal health is maintained for those needing medical services. Medical Services are coordinated with community health care providers to meet mental, physical and preventative health care needs; we do not have any medical professionals on staff besides the nurse whose main purpose is to teach and maintain standards of care.

Behavioral Services CFI employs a full-time staff person who teaches positive behavioral support strategies. These strategies are designed to increase appropriate behaviors and choices, promote relationships and teach control through the development of mutual respect. Our agency does not use aversive therapies such as time out, aversive conditioning or other techniques with similar degrees of restrictions or intrusions to control behaviors.

Communication Services CFI contracts with a Speech Pathologist and employs a full-time staff to assist with communication needs. Augmentative or alternative communication systems are utilized to provide communication opportunities to people who are unable to communicate verbally. The full-time staff assists with troubleshooting these devices as well as helping with any concerns/issues that may arise with any communication device or hearing aid.

Nutritional Services CFI employs a full-time staff person dedicated to ensuring the dietary and nutritional needs of the people we serve are met and implemented as ordered by their health care provider.

Physical and Occupational Therapy CFI employs a full-time staff who works closely with Physical and Occupational Therapists to ensure therapies are implemented as prescribed. This full-time staff person is dedicated to ensuring the adaptive devices and prosthetic equipment needed is maintained and utilized to make people's lives more independent.


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