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The Center for Independence is committed to development of services that: make the communities of choice available to everyone and support the development of relationships in which all people are respected as essential members of their communities. Our agency assists people developing  the work skills necessary to gain and maintain employment. The desired outcome of teaching is community job placement.


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Work options include:

Community Employment - The Huron Area Center For Independence assists people in obtaining employment of their choice. Instructors work with individuals to ensure job success by maintaining ongoing supports in the employment setting.

Supported Community Worksites  -  The agency also provides instruction at work sites in the community. Our staff provides instruction to small groups helping them maintain employment through teaching and individual support. 

Agency Provided Work Opportunities -People have paid work opportunities and receive instruction with other adults with developmental disabilities in an environment owned and operated by the Center for Independence. Teaching is provided using paid contracts from various businesses in the area.

Supported Self Employment - The Center continually looks toward innovative approaches to employment, including assisting people in establishing and maintaining their own businesses. We now have a full-time staff dedicated to assisting individuals create and develop their small business.

For Kelley, employment has provided purpose and direction in his life. Kelley began receiving supports through the Center for Independence in 1992, and like many of us at a young age, struggled with good decision making. His poor choices often led to conflicts with those trying to support him. Life began to change for Kelley as he found purpose through employment opportunities.  Kelley started working as a custodian on several job sites. The

more he worked the more success he found in life which led to fewer conflicts with others. Today Kelley works at several job sites including SD Wheat Growers, the Huron Federal Building, Lutheran Social Services, and Huron Head Start.  For Kelley, it isn’t just the wages that motivate him; it is the fact that his work is meaningful and valued by his employers.  Working around 130 hours each month means that Kelley requires much less support from the Center for Independence and he pays for much of the support he receives. “I like to stay busy and be able to afford the things I want. I want to pay my own way“, Kelley says of his desire to work. 







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